The 9th Month

9 (2)

9 months, 3 weeks, 3 days, 8 hours and 32 minutes pregnant – but who’s counting…

Nights are the worst. Actually the mornings are too. Come to think about it, everything about the last month is the worst. There are about 2 positions you can sleep in, but almost impossible to switch from one to the other. Getting out of bed (or out of any lying position) is a nightmare, and don’t even get me started on walking – or should I say waddling. It’s fun to have your 4 year old ask why mom started walking like a penguin…

And if one more person stops to tell me when they think I will pop, and why, I might have to kill them. “Your stomach is so low – it’s any day now”, “your face hasn’t swelled up yet, you still have some time” – seriously people? Can you stop analyzing my face and body for your own personal guessing satisfaction?? And – I don’t really want to hear your amazing/horror or even normal birth stories, it’s really just not the best time to have these conversations with me.

So what are my recommendation for getting through the last month of pregnancy and staying sane? Here are my top 5 tips:

  1. Stop working around week 38 – before week 38 you can find yourself spending a month or even more at home which may be just enough to drive you crazy. Week 38 – around two weeks before the due date – is just about right. If you must work, cut down the hours. If you can take a sick leave for the last two weeks – do it (!) and enjoy the time. Take walks. Read. Meet friends for breakfast/lunch. These days and hours with your own quiet time are so important before the “big rush” of baby, diapers and feedings. No matter how much you are already looking forward to meeting your newborn – you will cherish the fact that you had a few days/weeks for yourself beforehand.
  2. Meditate – and if meditating is not for you, then BREATH. Look, meditation is not really my “thing”. I don’t meditate regularly, and at times it can even annoy me. On the other hand, there are times that stopping to mediate, or to take breaths and/or even reflect on yourself – is such a helpful, calming, restoring and even strengthening thing. It can really help get you through these never ending days, and can even help and strengthen you before labor and birth. Google/Youtube “Pregnancy & relaxation meditation” and you have a handful of options. Find what’s best for you.
  3. Laugh (!!) – Whatever makes you laugh, do it. Watch your favorite sitcoms. Meet friends that make you laugh. Read books, articles, or visit sites that make you crack up. The last month of pregnancy can make you short tempered, sad (those hormones!), moody – and just plain tired. A good laugh releases everything – and you will need this “release”. So whatever it is, do it! Again and again and again. Just laugh it through…
  4. DO NOT answer phone calls/texts that you don’t want to or have no patience to – you don’t owe anything to anyone! Sometimes you just don’t have the patience to sit and talk about how you are, or answer questions about when the due date is or hear stupid jokes about your baby is enjoying his time in the womb. Doesn’t matter if it’s family, friends, coworkers or even your boss – if you don’t have the patience to answer – then do not answer! Everyone will understand.
  5. Talk it through with your partner/kids – even if you think you and your partner see eye to eye on everything – talk about what it will be like to have the baby around. Think of all the possible scenarios and talk about them. If there are other kids around – talk to them as well. Ask them how they feel about the baby, see if they have questions or ideas. Many things may seem so obvious to you – but might not be so obvious to your partner and kids.


And if you’ve reached week 40 and still no delivery – can’t help you much there other than saying been there, done that. I personally went absolutely nuts (sorry for the brutal honesty). I can tell you that I tried all the tips and tricks in the book for inducing labor – but nothing helped. She came out on her own time :). However, I hope some of the tips above can help pass (even in just the tiniest bit) the days that seem to just never go by…




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