“What happened? Did she throw up?” My older one yells after opening the door and seeing spots all over the floor (asking about his sister).

“No I didn’t throw up! Mom peed in her pants!” She yells back from the room.

I  quickly get the bag for the hospital ready while my husband waits for me in the car downstairs and grandma tries to calm the kids down. Third pregnancy and of course the water breaks when my husband is out with the older one and I am home with the younger one.

I get downstairs and the towels are piled on the front seat. All we asked for is no driving after the water breaks; of course third pregnancy it had to happen. And, of course, we just got a brand new car. Wonderful…

We get to the hospital in 10 minutes (he drove like hell). I get out and check the seat. Although filled with towels, water got all over. Should I tell him now or later? I decide later is better.

No one seems to find my situation alarming (other than my husband and myself). The nurse tells me I should go pee since I still have to get hooked to a monitor and get checked. I look at her and try my best to ask in the nicest manner – “how the HELL am I supposed to pee with constant water coming out of my …???”. Apparently they still make you pee.

Long story short I get stuck there for about 2.5 hours. Other emergencies kept everyone busy while my labor slowly went into full force. All I could do is scream and yell and flatten my husband’s hands as I squeezed them as hard as I could each contraction.

“Epidural! Noooowwww!” I must have screamed that over and over to the nurse like 100 times, but there was no doctor free to do the injection. After 2.5 hours I finally got the approval for the epidural and the doctor came. “Turn here, sit there, and bend over” – finally I get the shot. You’d think everything would calm down and the pain would slowly subside after that, but nope! A minute after the injection I had one huge contraction, got checked, and was told to start pushing right away cause baby wants out! After just a few pushes (and yet no epidural effect) he came out. The pain subsided. The rush was over. He was beautiful!

Three pregnancies. Three labors. Three births. Each different than the other. One thing remains the same; when they finally come out you can sit and stare at them for hours! Their eyes, nose, ears – everything! You sit there, and as cheesy as it sounds, you just can’t help but wonder how amazing the miracle of birth really is.


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