Induce Me Already ! (6 do’s and dont’s of trying to induce labor)




All pregnancies dragged me to the end. My first one came out two days before his due date, my second and third at the end of week 40. I must have read hundreds of tips for inducing labor naturally all 3 pregnancies, here are my (own personal) conclusions;

  • Pineapple and tropical fruits – maybe if you eat them endlessly. A few slices here and there won’t do a thing.
  • Labor inducing exercises – tried them every morning. Youtubed many different ones – yet, nothing. Unless I did them terribly wrong, they simply didn’t work for me. However, they might have helped me getting through labor (strengthened me up).
  • Walking – can help, but you need to do a looooooot of it. Not a stroll around the block – but some serious walking. I believe that it did help during my first pregnancy (hour(s) of walks in the evenings, but slow and careful ones. You shouldn’t push yourself to extreme).
  • Sex – Been there, done that – sorry, it didn’t work for us.
  • Meditation – can calm you down and can make you feel better. I actually meditated some mornings during the 9th month which did make me feel good, but no onset of labor.
  • Nipple stimulation – surprisingly enough, this one works! It didn’t get me into labor – but it definitely caused contractions. I assume that if I kept at it long enough, and if my body was closer to actual labor – it would have started it earlier.


What got me into Labor? “Stripping” (and I don’t mean the taking off all my clothes and dancing to music) otherwise known as membrane sweeping. It’s not the most “natural”, but it did work for me (twice!). In my past pregnancy I had it done twice on two separate occasions (by dr’s ONLY!). Although the second one hurt SO SO much, I was in labor that same evening. If you hit week 40 and you are ready to have the baby, I honestly would recommend to go to your dr and have him do the “stripping” (if there are no medical issues in doing so). Hurts, but works!

In any case, in my own humble opinion, nothing will really help unless your body is ready for labor and birth. Once it’s ready, some of the above will most probably help either speed up the onset or the process itself. One thing is for sure – it can be quite nerve racking, especially once you hit your due date, to sit around and wait. Try to find ways to keep yourself busy because the days can be endless, take it from me! One thing is for sure, and as much as i HATED to hear it when i was pregnant, eventually they really do come out!


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