9 Funny Moments When You Marry Someone with the Same First Name



Yes you read right! I married someone with the same first name as me (like actual first name, not nickname or anything). Being a couple with the same name has its moments. It took us both some time to get used to it (calling each other by our own first name was one of the weirdest things) but once we did we’ve had so much fun with it. Some people’s reactions are priceless while others simply don’t believe us. All in all it’s definitely provided us with some really funny moments. Following are 9 funniest moments (so far!) of being married to someone with the same first name:

  1. When people think I am talking about myself in third person. It’s amazing how many times I caught “that face” on people. When explaining that my husband and I have the same first name I always get the same “oohhhhhhhh ok” reply with the same sign of relief on their faces.
  2. Passport control! Always makes us laugh (although first time was a little scary seeing the face of the officer going back and forth on the two passports)! Thank goodness I kept my last name and added his, that way there is some difference between our full names.
  3. When one of my best friends texts me from abroad saying “I miss you, wish you were here with me” but accidentally sends it to my husband (can you imagine his face reading the text!??!). The amount of times people mistakenly texted us is hilarious! We always get yelled at for having the same name by our close friends.
  4. Around the age of 2 our kids thought all adults had our names. When did it hit me? When my oldest ran to different moms at nursery school calling them by my name! When it happened again with my second kid I was already prepared with the explanation.
  5. When our kids’ friends don’t believe them. We’ve had so many of their friends run up to us to ask if it’s true. When we tell them it is it’s the cutest thing seeing these little kids crack up.
  6. When I use his credit card with my license for ID. It’s that little moment that I feel like such a bad ass !!!!
  7. When our friends call out our name when they see us, just to see us both turn around. Cracks them up every time – even after years of knowing us.
  8. When we end up with the same nickname for each other after trying to get over the same name thing (we seriously tried not to let that happen).
  9. When we go out to restaurants and the hostess asks my husband under which name we reserved the table under and he turns to ask me. We have the same name!! (ok that one only happened once and his excuse was that he wasn’t concentrating 🙂 ).

And the best part? These moments keep on coming! So I’ll probably get to post another one like this 1 or 2 years from now…



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