Guest Post: How to survive school day mornings with 4 kids – by Sara Dagan (SaraDaganlifecoach)

Words of wisdom by one of my favorite Life Coaches, amazing woman and dear friend Sara Dagan. Sara lives in LA with her 4 kids and husband. She is a practicing life coach with many “tips and tricks” on how to make the days just a little bit easier on us and our families. Below she happily shares her (very successful) morning routine with some additional tips on how to successfully “manage” the days with 4 kids:



So as a mother of a third, second and first grader with an additional little one in preschool you can only imagine what our mornings (and days, and nights) are like. When my first one started first grade I found myself trying to juggle between my kids to make sure they all get my attention. I’m sure you can understand me when I say I simply wasn’t able to do it. After putting some thought into it, I decided to try a new system/routine with the kids, one that made them feel independent and responsible. We created this simple chart together of the things that we need to do in the mornings. Once each assignment was completed (without my intervention of course) they had to mark it done in the chart. At the end of the week whoever had most check marks got some alone time with mommy or a 5$ allowance for the toy store. It was a win win for me – I got to spend quality time with my babies (yes they will always stay my babies) and they actually won it. Morning routine became so easy!! They were actually excited and competed on who completes the next step first.

Another thing we started doing is building a breakfast/lunch menu for the week. We plan it and change it every couple of months, but it makes my life easier when it comes to grocery shopping, and planning breakfast and lunch bags – they know what to expect and I don’t get ‘but I don’t like this food’ or ‘I want something else’ in the morning.

I also let them choose their own clothes in the evening which I approve ( that’s easy when you have uniform policy in school 🙂 ).

Knowing what to expect and having a routine has helped my kids. They feel part of the process at all times, we constantly discuss the menus and tasks, and we modify things as needed.

I try not to demand them to do things where possible. They choose doing everything on their own since the expectations are clear to everyone and they enjoy the easy going morning routine with music in the background.

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  1. I have 5 kids and the oldest two are in school so getting everyone ready to leave is usually no cake walk. My oldest ones have gotten pretty self sufficient but another one will be going to school next year and he will be in Pre-K. I am already plotting a good routine to get us out the door on time because he is the one who likes to play around when it is time to get ready. These are great tips I plan to try some of these.

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