Omelets and some other ideas

There is so much you can do with eggs. Our kids love eggs and our dinners are usually around eggs with toast (toast with cream cheese or butter with a slice of cheese). Here are some ideas of different types of eggs you can serve:

  • Regular Omelet, or Sunny Side Up (with sunny side up i like to fry the egg on both sides so that even the “yellow” part isn’t raw)
  • Omelet with Parmesan/Cheddar Cheese – once you place the battered egg in the pan, sprinkle the cheese all over. Once the first side is done, flip over and let the omelet rest for an additional minute or so.
  • Cream Cheese Omelet – add the cream cheese to the egg batter and fry the eggs on both sides.
  • Omelet with tomatoes/onions/potatoes/etc – saute the vegetable of your choice. Once ready – spill the battered egg on top and let it rest for few min. Once egg is ready, flip over to the other side for additional minute or two.