French Toast

Whether sweetened with brown sugar before frying, or adding maple syrup once it’s ready – kids LOVE french toast! In my opinion the best bread to use for the yummiest french toast is “Challa” bread, but any white bread will do. 10 minutes of work and your kids will be very greatful!


White bread (as many slices as desired)




Brown Sugar or Maple syrup

  • For every 2 slices of bread mix 1 egg with 1/4 cup of milk. If you want to sweeten with sugar, place about half a spoon of brown sugar in the mix.
  • Once the egg & milk batter is ready, simply dip both sides of the bread in the batter so it’s covered on both sides
  • Place butter in a frying pan (a little over a tea spoon per two slices). Once the butter is melted place the bread in the pan (don’t let the butter sit over the fire too long as it burns fast). Once the first side is cooked enough (~2 min over med fire) flip over to the other side.